Spouse/Significant Other

  • In the case where both spouses are eligible in his/her own right, only one fee will be assessed(and a joint listing will be used)

  • If separate listing is desired,and one spouse is already a member,the other may join at no addition fee

Main Address

Alternate Address(if applicable)

  • Specify time period at alternate address:


  • Dues $10.00/year or $100.00 lifetime membership
  • Use Bill Pay Bank Draft or Send check* to:


    9083 Whitehaven Dr.

    St. Louis, MO 63123-2044

  • *The Arsenal Credit Union will reimburse $40.00 to the account of a new lifetime membership applicant who has been an ACU member

    in good standing a minimum of one year,provided that the applicant's retirement occurred after Janyinguary 31,2013.

    if you qualify,please provide your ACU account number.After we have processed your application, we will notify ACU of your membership

    ACU will then credit your account with $40.00


  • Note: Participation in any Chapter's information/social functions is reciprocal with East group. Voting privileges exist only to

    dues paying members. A Chapter directory is also available to dues paying members. General information ,including newsletters,is in public domain

    on the chapter web site

  • Note: Let us know activities you are interested in: volunteering, socializing,travel, teaching,gardening,playing cards,etc.

    What would you like us to provide to help keep you happy and active, both physically and mentally?